Thin plasters for the construction industryNFM’s thin plasters are to be used for construction and adjustment of subfloors. NFM are experts in manufacturing and supply of thin plasters for subfloors in connection with large construction and renovation projects. The diverse cement and plaster based products of NFM are third party controlled by The Danish Technological Institute. Hence, our products fulfill the applicable requirements for health and materials, as well as floor industry’s requirements and specifications for construction of subfloors.

Thin plasters for large construction projects

NFM supplies thin plasters to large construction projects in Sweden and Denmark. Most recently NFM’s products have been used for moulding of subfloors at construction of the badminton hall at Campus Bornholm. We have also supplied finished subfloors to Alex Towers in the inner Copenhagen and a long line of other exciting construction projects. NFM produces own thin plaster products at an own factory in Oxie, Sweden. In addition, we have our own float of pump cars and bulk cars that are operated by specially educated personnel.  Thus, we can ensure a high quality delivery of our products. On the same time we can quickly and efficiently lay out products to subfloors and floor adjustment in connection with large construction projects in Sweden and Denmark.

Thin plasters for large construction projects

NFM Bag Products

To floor companies, bricklayers and other tradesman, who work with subfloors and floor adjustment NFM offers thin plasters in 33 Ibs. bags. NFM have deliberately chosen to sell packages of 33 Ibs., so that is is, amongst others, easier to handle and lift, when materials have to be mixed at construction sites.  You will find more information under menu point Bag Products. Also, floor companies and other interested parties can find more detailed product information on NFM’s products under menu point Product Information.

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Please feel welcome to contact us, if your company would like to know more about NFM’s thin plaster products. Feel welcome to contact us, if you would like to receive an offer on supply of your construction or renovation projects.

Last updated: 1 September 2018