NFM Employees

NFM is an innovative company in constructing industry offering thin plasters, spackling paste and floor heating products. At NFM we have an expertise within high-tech and environmentally conscious execution of efficiency condusive construction of subfloors and floor adjustment.

NFM is represented in both Sweden and Denmark. In Sweden we are known as NFM Flytgolv AB and in Denmark as NFM Gulve A/S. The head office in Sweden has supplied thin plasters and spackling paste products to customers in Sweden and Denmark for more than three decades.

Thin Plasters and Spackling Paste from NFM

Our thin plaster and spackling paste products are produced at our own factory located in Oxie, Sweden. The factory was built in the beginning of 2012, and we produce up to 200 tons daily that are supplied to our clients by pump cars, bulk, Big Bag, “Fri Tube” or easy to handle 33 Ibs. bags to long tine of clients in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


NFM are experts in construction of subfloors for use at new constructions and renovation projects in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Construction takes place with cement and plaster based thin plaster products with and without floor heating and step sound suppression installed in the floor.

There are many requirements and desires set to the subfloors nowadays. Environmentally conscious use of materials in relation to health and safety is one of them, heating and step sound suppression is another. All of NFM’s products, as well as, heating and step sound suppression products must to live up to these requirements, therefore our products are third part controlled by The Danish Technological Institute, and fulfill the existing requirements to materials with regard to health and safety.

Contact Us and Hear More About Our Products and Subfloors

You are very welcome to contact us, if your company would like to hear more about NFM’s products, or would like to receive an offer of a supply to your construction or renovation projects.


Last updated: 31 January 2024