NFM Level Pegs in diverse sizes

Level peg is a product that can be used with advantage, when the height is to be set from a measurement to a permanent point on floor. Get an even floor without problems.

Level Peg for Setting of Height of Moulded Subfloors

NFM produce the level peg for setting of height. The pegs are available in different heights and packages with a maximal height of 200 millimiters. The pegs have a clearly printed indication of height in millimeters that makes it easy to cut the level pegs in the right height. The pegs are set and fixed with a tape mounted on the feet of the level peg. The tape has a strong adhesive effect that ensures that the level pegs do not move at laying out of thin plasters of foam concrete products later on.

Use the pegs Indoors and Outdoors

NFM Level Peg can be used both, indoors and outdoors. The pegs are fixed with tape to the underlayer, and the work with the moulding of a floor can begin, regardless, if it is indoors or outdoors. By use of NFM’s add-on products, you get the best premises for an appropriate leveling of your subfloor.

NIVCOMP Altitude Meter

NFM suggests use of pegs for leveling in combination with NIVCOMP altitude meter. NIVCOMP is a professional electronic level meter. The device is first and foremost used for leveling and control measurement indoors. NIVCOMP can be used to both, horizontal and vertical measurements.

Products and Add-ons for Leveling of Subfloors

NFM Level Pegs for setting of height of moulded subfloorsNFM has worked with moulding and leveling of subfloors since the establishment of the company in 2007. NFM has with years specially developed and continuously improved the thin plaster types used for moulded subfloors. On the same time, NFM have self-developed diverse add-ons that can with advantage be used by all floor companies and tradesmen, who work with moulding and leveling of subfloors.

Contact Us and Hear More About Our Level Peg

Please contact us if your company would like to hear more about NFM Level Peg. Of course, you are very welcome to contact us, if you would like to receive an offer to supply for your construction or renovation projects.

Link for ordering of level pegs

At NFM’s Nivapinnar.se homepage you can quickly and easily order level pegs and other equipment for levelling of floors. Order level pegs for your building project here: www.nivapinnar.se/en

Last updated: 13 December 2018