Foam concrete filler mass for subfloorsNFM are experts in supplying and pumping of foam concrete for construction of subfloors in connection with new constructions and renovation of apartments and offices, as well as public buildings and institutions.

Foam concrete for large construction projects

NFM Foam Concrete is a cement based filler mass with added foam generator. The products are water-reduced in order to provide short drying time. The product is available in varying densities, from 771.61 to 3968.28 Ibs/m3. Low density gives a light, but less strong foam concrete, whilst high density gives stronger, but also heavier foam concrete. The product can be with advantage used for leveling and construction, when, in connection with establishment of a subfloor, there is a need of a lighter construction in heavier layer in terms of weight. Foam concrete is a mix of concrete and foam, and has thereby a lighter weight and density. Therefore this type of concrete is easier to handle and work with.

Step sound and heat isolation

Acoustics and sound is a central subject of all construction projects today, not least the step and drum sound. Foam concrete’s suppression effect provides an advantage that it can be applied, where desired, and requirements for step sound isolation are a part of the construction. Product’s isolating qualities make it also suitable for heat isolations between concrete slabs and floor heating, as well as fire isolation between ventilation pipes and similar installations. The product is primarily developed for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors.

NFM Foam Concrete for large construction projects

Mingling in special pump car

Mingling takes placed is specially customized pump car, and the production takes place continuously on site with up to 60 m3/hour. All equipment comes with pump car, and only water is to be added. Preparation and pumping of this type of concrete can be only carried out by approved and trained personnel.

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Last updated: 6 February 2019