NFM Floor Heating Plates for a new floorNFM Floor Heating Plates are for use at construction of floors in connection with new constructions and renovation. Floor heating plates’ thermal resistance and heat conducting qualities ensure an environmentally appropriate and a pleasant indoor climate in an apartment or at an office.

Sound suppression and heat isolation

NFM installs floor heating plates in apartments, office spaces and public buildings, thus that both, sound suppression and heat isolation, can be obtained. On the same time, floor heating plates are practical, efficient and an easy to handle alternative, when a sound suppressing and a heat isolating layer of floor is to be placed. At construction of new floors at large areas and places, the moulding can take place with or without mounting of heat pipes. The floor heating plates from NFM can be laid out on, at large, all surfaces that can be included in construction of a floor.

Floor heating plates with heat pipes and clamp system

NFM Floor Heating Plates can be combined with NFM Heat Pipes. Floor heating plates have an applied 5 cm grate pattern on the humidity isolating surface’s plastic cover of close-knit fiber. Heat pipes are easily mounted with appurtenant clamp system.

NFM Floor Heating Plates with NFM Heat Pipes

Environmentally conscious solution

NFM subfloors with installed floor heating plates provide an efficient and environment conscious construction of subfloors. Floor heating plates’ efficient heat isolation and step sound suppressing effect ensures a subfloor with solid strength and durability. Moreover, our thin plasters have a line of other positive qualities.

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Last updated: 6 February 2019