Design Floors from NFMGet the market’s best design floors at NFM. NFM are experts in supplying unique design floors for new constructions and renovation projects. You can get an up-to-date and abrasion resistant floor produced and supplied directly by us.

Design Floors from NFM

At NFM design floors go under name NFM Colourdesign. NFM Colourdesign floor is a plaster based product that is dyed after client’s choice and after set top-coat is added. NFM Colourdesign floors have an abrasion-resistant surface that makes them particularly good for offices, restaurants, showrooms and stores. Generally, Colourdesign floors suit particularly well for facilities and places, where a lot of people are regular visitors.

Design Floors Produced by Trained Personnel

A design floor in the makingMingling of NFM Colourdesign takes place in specially customized pump truck, and the production takes place continuously on site, where the design floor is laid out. Manufacturing and pumping of NFM Colourdesign is carried out only by trained and approved personnel.

A Floor with a Raw Look

Design floors have a raw and a timeless look. Many choose, for example, this type of floor for their store, restaurant or home. Hereby, you get both, a beautiful and a practical, floor that is easy to clean. NFM is also willing to help with advice and a guidance to select a floor that will best meet your needs and desires. Regardless of which Colourdesign floor you select, you will get a raw and an elegant floor that will last for many years.

New York Style

Some suppliers call their design floors New Yorker floors. It is due to the fact that this type of floors are very common in classical New Yorker apartments. If you would also like to have an up-to-date and a different floor in New Yorker style, select a NFM Colourdesign floor.

Contact Us and Hear More About Our Thin Plaster Products

Please contact us if your company would like to hear more about NFM Colourdesign. You are, of course, also welcome to get an offer of a supply of NFM Colourdesign floor to one of your construction or renovation projects.

Last updated: 5 July 2019