Thin Plasters and Spackling Paste for FloorNFM CEM Flyt Snabb Fiber Thin Plaster Bag

You can now also get our thin plasters and spackling paste products for construction of floors, as well as floor adjustment, as bag items. Read more about our bag products here on the page.

Bag Products for Floor and Bricklayer Companies

By request of our clients and with own production from our factory in Sweden, NFM offers several year supply via pump cars, in a bulk and “free tube”, for construction of floors in construction industry, now also sales in bags of our tried out and thoroughly tested think plasters and spackling paste products to floor and bricklaying companies in Sweden and Denmark.

Bag Products’ Items

NFM CEM Flyt, NFM CEM Flyt Snabb and NFM Alpha Plaster can all be supplied with or without fiber. We supply also NFM Byggspackel. The products are supplied in 33 Ibs. bags that makes them easy to handle, when NFM Byggspackel Spackling Paste Bagthe materials are to be mingled out at the site.

Products are supplied on pallets (13.66 oz. per pallet) in 33 Ibs. bags and with an option of delivery in entire Denmark, or by agreement direct pick-up from our warehouse in Copenhagen.

Contact Us and Hear More About Our Thin Plaster Products

You are very welcome to contact us, if your company would like to hear more about NFM Thin Plasters and Spackling Paste in bags, or would like to receive an offer of a supply to your construction or renovation projects.

Last updated: 1 September 2018